Who is Iker Bengotxea Goya

Spanish Castilian and Basque Voice Actor and professional singer  since 2003, year in which I began to make my first steps in dubbing studios in the Basque Country. A born imitator since childhood and a vocal clown by nature, one day, while taking a walk, something inside me said, “I would like to be able to make a living from my voice!” At that time I did not even consider the possibility that a young man from Pamplona could make his voice a profession. In fact, I graduated with a degree in Business Studies while indulging my passion, singing in different music groups. Fate led me to study Dubbing, Voice-Over and Singing and little by little I was earning my first hard earned money with acting. At the same time, I was training in audiovisual subjects (Video Editing, Sound, Photography,…) and I worked as a Recording Technician with Pro Tools in a dubbing studio, which was great for me to understand the vision of the sound technician in the day to day of the recordings and the importance of a good editing.

Nowadays, I work for different sound studios and I have my own studio focused on the online voice-over market. I work in dubbing in Basque and Spanish Castilian and I have voiced numerous characters in series and movies, and I have also participated in many advertising campaigns.

I sporadically give dubbing courses in Pamplona and personalized training classes in front of the microphone at Sudurgorri Vocal Studio

If you are looking for a young and versatile voice, an online speaker for your internet content, a Basque Voice Talent with a good command of the language, or a session singer who records lead vocals or backing vocals… don’t hesitate!

Spanish Castilian Voice Over Artist

Fotograph: https://www.inakibasterra.com/