Spanish Castilian Voice Artist

Spanish & Basque Voice Overs

Extensive experience as a Spanish Castilian & Basque voice over artist and dubbing actor since 2002 in: Dubbing, Advertising, E-Learning, Corporate…

Online Singer

Songs / rhymes dubbing

Studio Singer (Lead and backing vocals) I have recorded and directed openings for TV series, Jingles, choirs and dubbing characters in Basque and Spanish (One Piece, Pokemon…)

Multivoces Online Voice Talent

Quality assurance

Professional equipment: Neumann U87 & AKG 414 XL II + Focusrite ISA ONE Preamplifier & Digital Card AD/DA + Studiobricks booth and extensive sound technician experience.

Spanish Castilian VO with own studio

  • Spanish and Basque Voice Talent

  • Lead and backing vocals recordings

  • Basque dubbing & Spanish Castilian dubbing

  • My microphones: Neumann U87 + AKG 414 XL II.

  • My preamp: Focusrite ISA ONE + Audient id22

  • Studiobricks Vocal Booth

  • Audio-link: Session Link Pro, Source Connect…

  • Songs translating and adjusting

  • customized quotations

Listen to me!

Basque Voice Artist – Commercial Demo

Spanish Castilian Dubbing Works

Basque Dubbing Works